World-class machine manufacturing for medium and heavy machinery industries in project business, with ISO 3834-2 certification for welding operations.

Makron production means high-quality expertise. We are your one-stop solution provider in machine manufacturing. We handle different projects from your designs and drawings to a complete working product. We have factories in Hollola, Finland and Aruküla, Estonia. Our Automation electrical control cabinet factory is located in Hollola Finland. Working together with Makron means you have the expertise and professionals providing you with the best possible service. In our production facilities, we have 150 people working in 2–3 shifts. Our Hollola factory includes five spacious halls sized 21–28 x 100 meters and cranes with a lifting capacity of 75 tons, and we can even fit 7.7 meter wide and 7.0 meter high work pieces in the production hall.

We value the quality of our work and therefore we thoroughly document production. We are able to obtain all the needed parts, components and materials for you. We are happy to take complete responsibility for the supply chain, to stay on schedule and get the necessary components on time. Our work plans ensure that every step of the process is planned carefully. During the production process we will also report on our progress, step-by-step, to keep you up-to-date. And we constantly develop our products and production processes. We appreciate hands-on partnership where we learn from each other to make projects more efficient and products better.