Recycled Cellulose Insulation Technology

Recycled cellulose fiber insulation is ecological and healthy.

Recycled cellulose fiber is an ecological and economical thermal and acoustic insulation material, for both new and renovated buildings. It is a green material manufactured from recycled paper. The usual methods of installing cellulose insulation are blowing and spraying, and no cutting of the insulation material is needed. The result is seamless insulation that perfectly fills the entire cavity. These installation methods ensure that the adhesion of the insulation to the insulated structure remains unchanged over the years. Makron has the technology to produce sustainable cellulose fiber thermal insulation from recycled raw material.

Process stages

Excess paper is collected from various sources, for example from print houses and households. The recycled paper is transported to a cellulose fiber insulation production plant. Makron Fibretec production line takes care of the whole cellulose insulation manufacturing process, from receiving the raw material to crushing it, to adding the chemicals and processing the material at different stages, to producing and packing the finished product. The recycled cellulose fiber is then used as thermal insulation in new and renovated buildings by prefabricated house or log house manufacturers, builders and insulation companies.


Green solution

The embodied energy of recycled cellulose fiber is significantly lower than that of fiberglass or rockwool insulation.

Breathing material

Cellulose insulation evens out the moisture in structures.

Healthy material

Cellulose insulation resists rot, fungi growth and pests.


User-friendly installation

Installing cellulose insulation is easy and safe, and it produces no waste.

Seamless insulation

Because of the installation method - blowing or spraying - the cavity is filled perfectly and unwanted air leaks are minimized.

Excellent thermal insulation values

The thermal conductivity of recycled cellulose fiber is ~0,040 W/mK.

Process stages

We deliver complete production lines for recycled cellulose fiber insulation manufacturing.

Recycled Cellulose Fiber Insulation Production

Makron offers the technology to produce sustainable cellulose fiber from recycled raw material. Our technology makes your production more efficient and delivers a high-quality product. We offer you complete Makron Fibretec production lines according to your volume needs and deliver them with intelligent automation included. We cover every aspect of the project from engineering design to commissioning and staff training. Cellulose fiber is also an excellent additive for asphalt. Our technology enables you to produce both thermal insulation and cellulose fiber additives for asphalt with the same production line. Learn more here.

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