The Makron Story

Makron is about tough Finnish entrepreneurship and big dreams. 

We strive for growth because it is the only way forward. We want to help you be at the top of your game by doing our part as well as possible. We are the partner that completes and is willing to go the extra mile with you.

Our strong roots are in machine manufacturing, wherefrom we have expanded to intelligent services in engineering and automation. We are the one partner that makes your life easier by offering everything you need to fulfill your industrial production technology demands with quality and precision.

We work for solutions in several industry fields. Our strong technology in wood building construction is based on working together with our customers. Our research and development unit ensures that our processes, systems, and people keep you up to the modern challenge.

Everything comes down to Makron professionals you can trust. Our experts in different areas all come together to offer you a complete solution. Together we can serve you. Choose solid experience. Choose Makron.

Makron – A Promise to Complete.