Log House Manufacturing Technology

Makron production lines specifically designed for log house manufacturing.

One way to create sustainable housing is to build log homes from wood. Wood is a natural building material, it provides healthy indoor air, and it also has a low carbon footprint. Log houses are durable and they have good insulation properties, which makes them ideal for northern weather conditions. They are quick to build and the components can be transported easily. Log buildings are also especially resilient in earthquake areas. Finnish industrial log house manufacturers are well-known for their high-quality products and Makron constantly develops its technologies in close collaboration with them. We deliver complete production lines and software for log house manufacturing. With our production lines, you can machine either glue-laminated or natural logs. We are the trusted developer and supplier of technologies for the log house industry. At Makron, we help you to be at the top of your game in the log housing market.

The stages of log house production

The log house production process starts in healthy forests where solid, straight trees are cut and harvested. From here the timber is transported to a sawmill where the log handling process starts. The timber is cleaned and debarked and then transported to a log house factory. With Makron laminated log production technologies you can make the size of logs you need. For planing and machining, Makron offers planer lines and machining lines with various machining options to meet your specific demands. Our fully automated packing technology sorts and packs completed logs into the correct packages in the right order, all ready to transport to the building site. Our BIM+MES software covers the whole process from production to packing. We have also developed an application that helps you complete your log house construction, and saves time and resources.


Over 40 year’s experience

Makron has developed and worked with log house production technology for over 40 years.

Sustainable solutions

Our technology allows you to use smaller raw material with minimal material loss.

Fully automated lines

Our fully automated production lines only need a few machine operators, saving on labor costs.


You can find Makron technologies and complete solutions for log house production in various locations. Here are some examples of our work in log houses.

Public buildings

This unique school in Pudasjärvi Finland has everything that is needed in a public building.

Modern log houses in urban areas

Log houses are great for urban areas with good insulation and durability.

Holiday homes

In Finland, holiday homes have been built from wood for decades.

The stages of log house production

Laminated Log Production

Makron can provide you with large production capacity lines for different shapes and sizes of laminated logs. Our technologies include an automated line for gluing and pressing laminated logs, which we can deliver to our customers ready to use. Our non-settling laminated log production line allows you to produce large cross-laminated logs and also taller wooden buildings, because the wood does not change shape over time. Non-settling log blanks are today’s high-end log products.

Log Planing

Our log planing technology is designed to create different kinds of profiles for a range of log sizes. Our machines can even plane massive logs. Makron’s Log Planer is a massive, heavy-duty machine designed specifically for log house production. Its sturdy construction guarantees vibration-free running and the position of the spindles is optimized to give precisely machined log profiles with a smooth surface and consistent quality. As a result, the Makron MKM-300-5 Log Planer is well respected by professionals.

Log Machining

Makron is a reliable and experienced manufacturer of high quality industrial log house production solutions, and having a high level technological know-how is in our company culture. We have a long history in the industry and first-class Finnish log house manufacturers have regarded us as their supplier of choice for many years. Today, Makron is the leading supplier of modern log house processing technology. With Makron technology log machining can be automated, and our log machining machines and lines are specifically designed to machine logs. Our technology can take care of all the machining needed to make log house walls.

Log Packing

Makron offers unique, highly automated log packing technology. The introduction of this new technology to our product family reduces the size of workforce you need giving you direct savings in labor costs. Our fully automated packing technology sorts and packs completed logs into the correct packages in the right order for use on the building site, all ready to transport to the site. Our BIM+MES software controls the packing process. When the logs are in right place, in the right order, it’s easy to build a log house without any errors.

House Building

We have designed a mobile app to make your log house building process more efficient. The application gives you specific information about each log, and its place in the building and on the construction site. With properly packed and marked logs, and good logistics, the logs you need are always in the right place so you don’t have to search for them. Our application saves you time and money because it gives you all the information you need, including the order in which the logs should be stacked. Finding the right log is as easy as scanning it with the bar code reader on your mobile phone.

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