Makron specializes in welding strong special materials and large steel structures. We have been granted ISO 3834-2 certification.

We are well-known for our welding quality! We specialize in welding large steel structures, and our halls with a free height of 9 meters provide excellent space for the process. Our qualified welders have the best equipment and years of experience in various completed welding projects. Our calibrated welding machines produce welds that perfectly match the settings selected. We have been granted ISO 3834-2 certification for our welding operations.

Machinery & expertise

We have 35 welding professionals working in two to three shifts. Our welders have mastered all the essentials of welding – MIG-, TIG-, MAG- and submerged arc welding. Welding is done according to welding procedure specifications (WPS) and with the latest equipment. We are masters of welding strong special materials like hard steel. We can also weld black/stainless steel and black/acid-resistant steel joints. The latest addition to our equipment range is Pema’s welding manipulator equipped for submerged-arc welding (SAW).

The Pema HD 6x5 S Dual SAW welding manipulator

Pema welding manipulator offers a versatile tool for SAW applications. Both ends of the welding manipulator’s horizontal boom are equipped with SAW welding machines, and one end has tandem SAW equipment. The welding manipulator has a mechanized horizontal boom, and an automatic welding seam tracking system makes the welder’s work easier. The workpiece can be manipulated on a rotating table with a load-bearing capacity of 20 tons.

The system’s user interface provides real-time information on the actual welding values. A strip cladding feature, used for surfacing of the base material, is available as an accessory.

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What Makron does

Makron’s welders use the SAW process for welding large steel structures, especially for circumferential welding. Use of the tandem welding head increases the weld-metal deposition rate, speeding up the welding process. The welding process may be mechanized or automated.

Technical data

Welding height max. 7,150 mm
Horizontal reach of the welding head  max. 6,250 mm
Column rotation ±180°
Electro-mechanical seam tracking 


Track length 12 m
Welding power sources 2 × 1,000 amps, AC/DC
Load-bearing capacity of rotating tables 3.5/20 tons
Strip cladding 30/60 mm


Olli Heinikainen

Production Manager, Hollola Factory Hollola

+358 44 065 9505 Languages: EN, FI

Contact person

Olli Heinikainen

Production Manager, Hollola Factory Hollola

+358 44 065 9505 Languages: EN, FI

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